Rare Earth Headlines

Rare Earth Hunt Spreads Around the World (Resource World)
2011 July - Finding rare earths deposits is tough enough, but it’s even harder to figure out the metallurgy and to build processing plants.

Rare Earths: Elemental Needs of the Clean-Energy Economy (Scientific American)
2010 Oct 13 - So-called rare earths are not rare, but with no current domestic source the essential trace elements can be harder to come by than U.S. makers of wind turbines, hybrid cars, weapon systems and other technology would prefer.

China Rare Earth shrs suspended, sells $51 mln shrs -term sheet (Reuters)
2010 Oct 14 - China Rare Earth Holdings Ltd (0769.HK: Quote) is selling 100 million new shares to raise HK$395 million ($50.9 million), according to a term sheet.

Trade Officials Ponder China’s Rare Earth Stance (The New York Times)
2010 Oct 14 - BEIJING — As a three-week-long Chinese suspension in exports of crucial minerals to Japan continues, American and Japanese trade officials have been considering whether to file cases against China at the World Trade Organization.

China wielding power with 'rare earths' (The Washington Post)
2010 Sep 23 - China's recent move to limit exports of minerals critical in the manufacture of a vast array of products such as missiles, car batteries, cellphones, lasers and computers is stoking alarm that its domination of the industry could give it enhanced leverage over the United States.

Rare earths project gets major status (ABC News)
2010 Sep 24 - Major project status will ensure the highest level of scrutiny for a proposed rare earths processing complex at Whyalla, the South Australian Government says.

British Columbia Rare Earth Projects (Rare Earth Investing News)
2010 Aug 17 - British Columbia, Canada is an area of great natural beauty, and rare earth mining companies hope that it’s also an area of rich natural bounty.

What the future of rare earth metals could mean for Toyota (Oakshire Financial)
2010 Jun 24 - Earlier this year our team at Pinnacle went on a rant about rare earth elements and an impending supply crisis.

GAO: Reviving U.S. Rare Earths Supply a 15-Year Chore
2010 Jun 24 - (Defense News)
Rebuilding a viable U.S.-only supply chain of rare earth minerals could take 15 years, according to a U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) report that underscores China's global dominance over production and price of the family of elements used in many high-tech military and commercial systems.

Rare Earth Elements - Pick Your Spots, Carefully (Byron Capital Market)
2010 Mar 25 - Byron Capital Markets, a division of Byron Securities Limited, is pleased to announce the release of its introductory report on Rare Earth Elements entitled "Rare Earth Elements - Pick Your Spots, Carefully".

Bill Calls for Establishment of First U.S. Rare Earth Minerals Stockpile (Defense News)
2010 Mar 28 - U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, R-Colo., has introduced a bill that would require the defense secretary and other federal officials to revive America's rare earth minerals industry and supplies while also calling for creation of the nation's first stockpile of the key materials.

Investors rush into rare earth element mining (CBC News)
2010 Feb 17 - Investors are rushing to cash in on a new mining boom, one that might end up creating a new industry in Canada.

Official says China plans to create reserve of rare earths to manage resource demand
2009 Dec 23 - China will create a reserve for rare earths next year to prevent waste of the exotic metals used in computers and clean-energy products, an official said in comments reported Wednesday by state media.

Rare Earth Metals Will Spike Higher in 2010
2009 Jan 5 - Rare earth metals had a bumpy ride during 2009. After years in relative obscurity, the investment community suddenly discovered the potential returns from rare earths after the little-known metals were cast into the spotlight by reports that China might restrict exports and cause prices to move much higher.

Shortage of Rare Earth Elements Could Thwart Innovation
2010 Feb 15 - Silicon may represent one of Earth's more common elements, but it transformed Silicon Valley into a high-tech corridor and helped usher the world into the Information Age.

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